The Institute ATIVAR is a non-profit organization that was founded with the aim of promoting project development in the third sector in a large scale, focusing on assistance, reintegration and promoting social welfare in general, and in various possible ways of achieving this mister, by encompassing cultural, sports, recreational, educational, social environmental, among others.
The differential of this, among many other social sector, is that ATIVAR acts supporting other associations, so that they have all the necessary subsidy to practice their activities.
This allowance covers legal and accounting project support, and fundraising support and it aims to establish, regulate, enhance, support and assist in administrative and financial management of the subsidized associations, so that they are always fit and able to perform in their best way their projects.
It also promotes advice for those who intent to establish an ORGANIZATION / Association for the accomplishment of work in the third sector segment, preparing and constituting the respective entity and its records.
In addition, the Institute ATIVAR conducts projects independently conceived, assisting those who do not have bond and is not connected to any ORGANIZATION / association but have the desire to work in this area.
The Institute ATIVAR works nationally, through membership of organizations throughout Brazil, forming not only a vertical structure support for organizations that become associated with the Institute, but also lateral, as it promotes the integration between the subsidized associations themselves, coordinating and managing these exchanges, partnerships and every possible form of joint activities, according to the interests and activities of each organization.
On our webpage you will be able to get more information on how to be a contributor to the Institute or how to join in, as a subsidized association.


Our mission is to give subsidy to those working in the third sector and that are focused on the promotion of assistance, reintegration and promoting social welfare in general.
We focus on providing all the advice and necessary structure to accomplish their projects, from administrative, legal, accounting and financial management to the development and implementation of their projects.